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Was That in Good Taste?

In my most recent pursuit of creating content, Steven Beary (producer of Art of Giving Up podcast) and I have partnered in producing a new podcast titled “Was That in Good Taste?”, a show about reviewing new and unique liquors while trying (and failing) to maintain an intellectual discourse. With shaken drinks and stirring conversation, Steven and I ponder questions of culture and society like “what’s the Jewish experience outside of New York”, “why do white people like the Wu Tang Clan?”, and “what’s the beef between magic and comedy?” over whiskey highballs, absinthe cocktails, and 40 ounce Colt 45’s. In our banter and excessive flavor descriptions, we hope to challenge ourselves and our listeners to reflect on their sensibilities and biases, and to find the humor in genuine, organic conversation.

Because our discussions may get a little derailed from time to time, if we forget to cover something I still want to talk about, I’ll post reflections or additional information about recent episodes here.    

Streaming is available at the links below, with new episodes added on a biweekly basis! Also check out Art of Giving Up Podcast and the Habit of Wellness blog for more content by Steven Beary. 

Art of Giving Up

Habit of Wellness Blog

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