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Here is the more serious side of the humble bumble bear, the part about introspection, contemplation, and philosophic speculation. I personally tend to take a stoic or cynical approach to analyzing the social and physical world, but here I try to break out of that paradigm to see things from multiple perspectives.

Reflections is an attempt to exercise the mind by posing a random question and making as many rational arguments about it as I can, without trying to offend any one. It is an exercise in cognitive dissonance; I can never be completely sure that my knowledge is truth, and therefor I find it necessary to challenge what I think I know by thinking about what I don’t know, ya’ know? It my get obfuscatory (learned that word recently), ¬†convoluted, confusing, and ramble-y at times, but keep in mind its just an attempt to explore as many potential arguments. There are no answers, only more questions.

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