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Rants are where I get to let my inner old Jew come out and complain about stuff or express my inner most fears about life by sugar coating them in a layer of humor and irony. These rants are not to be taken too seriously, but they give a little bit of insight to my inner monologue as I make sense of the world around me.

I ought start each post with “what’s the deal with…” because at face value, they are just jokes. If you start to analyze the stories too much, then they lose their humor (what little they might have) and I just come off looking crazier than usual. At their core, rants may hold some insight to my concerns about the human condition or the state of the world, but you got to do a lot of digging and you might not even find anything. Te-he, but that’s for you to discern the ratio of humor to truth.

Hungry, Hungry for Hippo

Kentucky Fried Conspiracy

The Real Danger From the Deep

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