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Sup’ friends! I’m the humble, bumblebear and welcome to my… hive-den? den-hive? Either way welcome, take a seat, secure all personal belongings, and keep hands and feet inside the vehicle as I take a self-indulgent plunge into the circus that is my psyche.

Cooking is my passion, nature is my refuge, music is my hobby, and humor is my strongest sense. Hailing from a suburb of Sacramento, CA, the son of an elementary school teacher and forensic accountant, I grew up playing sports-ball, helping in classrooms, and getting into small-town shenanigans with fellow degenerates.

My lineage is an compelling duality of East-coast Ashkenazi Jew and white middle-American; note that it’s more of a philosophical dichotomy, ethnically speaking I’m as generically white as canvas. Never the less, the contrasts between the two provide quite a deal of insight to my own desires, motivations, and values, while the combination of the two foster a healthy dose of skepticism and ambiguous guilt.

This site is intended to be a creative outlet, an exhibition of my writing and a sample of my comedic style.

Recipes consists of all the recipes I use to make the things I like to make including grilled meats, breads, pizzas, deserts and extending to non food items.

Reviews is where I voice my thoughts and feelings. I am developing an opinion so you you don’t have to.

Rants is a little bit more nonsensical. I do stand-up in my spare time, this is where I dump all the bits that would otherwise be too long to present in a stand-up setting.

Reflections is the arena for philosophical debate. I don’t fully know how to define things, but I can lay out everything I do know. Eventually I’ll get to a conclusion… eventually.

Groovy Tunes features neat-o music that I’m into at any given moment.

Wiz Quips are one-liner quips of wisdom, insight, or complete nonsense.

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