Welcome, my name’s Chandler Phillips and this is the christening post for HumbleBumbleBear. Here’s a quick intro to the blog covering the inception of this blog. You can also get the basic gist of each page from the About page, but here we’ll go little more in depth on the motivation and mission of HumbleBumbleBear.

Being an expressive person, I crave a medium for displaying my appreciation for an eclectic assortment of hobbies and interest. As someone looking to write and perform comedy professionally, it’s essential to have a collection of writing that’s easily accessible and indicative of my character. With that said, I intend this site to be outlet for creativity as well as an homage to the people, thoughts, and things and inspire my creativity. Through following subsections: Reviews, Recipes, RantsReflections I try to showcase genre and tone versatility; rants and reviews being geared toward comedy and satire, recipes being more pragmatic and directive, and reflections focusing more on public discourse of a topic.

The name of the blog comes from the personal brand I’ve been cultivating as a humble, buble bear. It’s an identity that reflects the internal strife that’s endemic to being a human living in the modern world. We, as individual organisms that grew up in the wild, are predisposed to impulses and reactions that reflect our basic desires and fears. But through socialization, communication and cooperation, humans developed mechanisms for a social consciousness that works to override our animalistic impulses. We are individual survivalists living in an ecosystem that requires a hive mind and social structure.

Both animals of admirable symbols of organisms harmonizing with nature. I respect the bear’s prioritization and general philosophy. It eats when its hungry, it sleeps when its sleepy; it fights when it needs to, but it would rather eat and sleep. They take ownership of their territory and live within the means provided. The bear is a representation of the imposing, individualistic, opportunistic, freedom seeking mentality we retain from evolution and fundamental liberalism rhetoric. Unfortunately for bears, humans have a much larger negative impact the territory they claim.

Conversely, the bumble bee is a natural marvel, an industrious worker, and a vital component of a natural system much larger than themselves. Bees represent the potential for social cohesion given our mutual capacity for communication and industrialization. These little hustlers are constantly pushing product, bees are known for being on their grind all for the greater good of the hive. They put the team on their shoulders and knees. The bumble bee hive is the type of social cohesion humans aspire to develop artificially that will launch the next wave of civilization. Until we figure out a way to reach that next level of collective consciousness, we are but bears struggling to negotiate our place in a hive made by bumble bees.

HumbleBumbleBear is an attempt to mitigate some of the dissonance of being a bear in a bee’s world. A place to celebrate creativity, share information, heckle reality, reflect on discourse, and figure out a place in the hive.